Silver Ruby Ring Size 7

Silver Ruby Ring Size 7


This ring is discounted because the corner of the ruby is lightly scratched.

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This custom ring has thick plated copper that has actually been grown onto the ring and around the stone. The electroforming process that it goes through, gives it a raw and natural look. Every Ring is made with real, gems/semi-precious stones. This makes every single ring truly unique.  Each ring is sealed after the process, in order to protect and preserve the copper and the stone. In some cases copper may react with certain peoples skin (depending on the composition of natural oils produced by the skin. This varies greatly from person to person), causing a slight green tint to appear where the ring has been worn. Don't worry! This is normal and not harmful. Copper naturally darkens over time, but keeping your ring dry and protected will slow this process.


This ring is a copper ring with a thick layer of Rhodium plated on top of it. Giving it the silver color.