Ring Care

Copper rings are really easy to care for, and you can wear them as you would other jewelry. I do recommend avoiding extended exposure to moisture, so taking it off while you go swimming or while doing the dishes, etc. is a good habit to be in. Copper does naturally darken over time, but i've put a protective coat over the rings to slow this process down, but it will naturally happen over time. :-)

Copper can react with certain peoples skin, causing a slight green tint to appear on the finger. This is harmless and goes away over time, or can be washed off with soap and water. If this happens to your skin, don't worry, its harmless! Also this will not happen to everyone. This event has to do with the pH levels in your skin. Fun Fact, the copper never turns my fingers green, but it used to always turn my husbands finger a slight green where the ring was worn. This happened until I started adding a protective coat on my rings, and now it doesn't turn his fingers green either! 


My copper bands that I make for these rings, are very strong, and durable (With the exception of the very thin copper band rings). They will last and uphold almost anything. Upon experimenting in the beginning with ring making, I asked my husband to see if he could break one of the rings i'd made, or pop the stone off. Just so that I would know how sturdy it may have been. I handed the ring to him and he said "Oh I know I can break this!". After a minute he handed it back to me and said "Okay I guess its pretty strong, because I cant break it."